Nutritional Consulting & Diet Planning

Dr. Seibert remains on the cutting edge of advances in nutrition and diet planning. Diet planning is a personalized diet that is created for each individual patient. It is designed to produce the changes that he/she needs for improved health.
A healthy diet combined with the proper supplements has been shown provide more energy, better mental clarity, and reduced joint pain. A diet plan can also be developed to treat chronic illnesses that respond well to nutrition, such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. We supply the finest vitamin and mineral supplements to support your individual goals and needs. Shop online or in-office.

Body Composition Testing

Body composition testing is available on site. You will be routinely monitored to make sure your program is providing the changes in your body that you desire. Using the tool functional medicine, your blood work, urinalysis and stool samples will be reviewed for deficiencies, toxicities, and any indications of impending disease processes. Periodic follow-up with diagnostic testing will be performed to demonstrate improvements. 

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