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A common saying is "it starts at the top".  However, in regard to spinal alignment, many problems start at the bottom... with your feet.  Is there a leg length imbalance, severe pronation, flat feet, is the leg internally or externally rotated? These lower extremity related issues can cause spinal dysfunction, joint pain and degeneration. 

Foot Levelers

These issues can be treated effectively with spinal pelvic orthotics. A lift can be attached to the orthotic to correct leg length imbalance. Arch support can correct pronation and lower extremity rotational problems. We have the newest technology in orthotic research. With the V7 Laser Scanner from Foot Levelers, not only will you see a 3-dimensional model of your foot, you will also get a printed report to review and understand your condition and the most effective treatment for it. Seeing the value of this process, many insurance companies cover most or all costs related to spinal pelvic orthotics.

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3D Foot Scanner
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